We’re a fun-loving, mostly casual and dedicated multi-platform group of highly active commanders new and old alike. We participate in BGS, PVP, PVE and we’re always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our wing. We are 100% independent and always welcome all commanders regardless of preferred superpower allegiance, power play, and playstyle.



We the OOC believe in creating a coalition of all the Independent, Federation, Alliance, Empire, etc, commanders out there that want to be a part of something bigger then themselves and generally just have brothers and sisters in arms with a concentrated purpose. We also believe in building up the ED community in positive ways, so in between wing missions you’ll always have something constructive and of course non-mandatory to do whether it’s participating in the Community Goals or patrolling new player space and lending a helping hand to beginners. We are an associate member of the Border Coalition and we also have our very own Player Minor Faction that we constantly work on maintaining and expanding. (More Lore coming soon!)



Well aside from having a big goofy family that always has your back, If you’re a fun loving and dedicated pilot that likes an occasional dose of seriousness (when it calls for it) and are in need of a purpose in Elite then you will fit right in with us! We hold weekly wing events so there’s always something to do! On top of that we are a rapidly growing and expanding very active group that is quickly making a name for itself out in the galaxy and we have in a very short amount of time become one of the largest and most active Wings with our own Player Faction on Inara! Come join the Outer-Rim Outcast Coalition today! To join us just hit join on Inara!

Check out our Inara!